by SoylentGreen (Joe Rimmer)

with music by stevo746 and twswordsman




Hi there! OSAKA DANCE PANIC is a multiplayer DDR-like rhythm game made for the GiantROM 4 game jam, in my spare time over 9 days.

It's loosely based on a recent experience in a Japanese nightclub. The opening picture is of the Dotonbori area of Osaka.

Try to survive until the end of the song while messing up your enemies with horrible powerups.

Have fun!




DPAD| ARROW KEYS : Press corresponding direction as QTEs come from above.

A BUTTON | SPACE: Activate powerup once obtained.

START| ENTER: Start game.

ESCAPE: Go back a menu.




Keyboard is technically supported for P1, but controllers are preferred.

Press escape to go back a menu: this is useful once the song has completed or game is over.

I know the Brad sprite is janky! Spriting is hard.


Download 78 MB
Download 91 MB


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This is awesome! I was never good at rhythm games but this has the feel without the hard core accuracy. I love it.